Naomi Ogawa

Personal Trainer

Naomi grew up in Malaysia and the Philippines enjoying activities like dancing, scuba diving, skiing, roller blading, and playing organized sports. With the incredible variety of sports and activities she was exposed to as a young child, she never outgrew being a multi-sport athlete. She continues to compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cross-trains with weight lifting, as well as coach young athletes.

Naomi is passionate about combining physical literacy and weight room activities so her clients can learn to not only move and function better but also, improve whatever their fitness goals may be. Exercise and physical activity should be enjoyed over a lifetime and not just for a temporary period. This is why Naomi greatly values the quality of education she provides to her clients so they gain independence and confidence in their fitness and wellness quests.


Unit 211-1551 Cedar Hill X Rd. Victoria, BC

Phone: (250)-891-9363


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