Ricardo Ordonez

Personal Trainer/Therapeutic Specialist

Ricardo, a skilled and highly trained master trainer and fitness professional recognized in the industry for outstanding work by several top awards His extensive professional certifications and a large committed client base are proof of his success as a lead trainer in the industry in Victoria.

On a personal level, Ricardo is passionate, empathetic, driven by empowering others, and known for going the extra mile.

Born in Ottawa, Ricardo decided to move from Ontario to Victoria in 1990, after having experienced a variety of cultures and beliefs while living in the Caribbean, South America, and the US.

Ricardo specializes in Lean Muscle Mass Development & Fat Loss, Nutrition, Range of Motion & Equilibrium, Chronic Pain Self-Management, Injury & Pre/Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Fascial Mobility, Percussion & Tuning Fork Treatments, Trigger Point and Foam Rolling techniques.

His coaching methods are known for empowering his clients in achieving their health and fitness goals, but also in achieving new mental, emotional and physical levels beyond their expectations.

Specialized training in a variety of sports from competitive swimming, specializing in Butterfly and Freestyle, to parachuting, scuba diving, Police Pistol Combat and more.

As an experienced single Dad, stay-at-home parent running a home business and on location when needed, he understands how easy it is to get lost on caring for your children or your demanding work and losing a bit of oneself on the process. Ricardo welcomes individuals, including parents ready to focus on themselves to find a balance by reaching new levels, celebrating the state of feeling and looking great while managing a family and or work.

Ricardo believes that it is not the age, but state of health and fitness , that causes one to feel pain, stiffness or old. He takes great pride in seeing some of his exemplary older clients who reach healthier and stronger fitness levels than people several generations younger than them.

Contact Ricardo to discuss your needs, visions and goals - Get started today! It is definitely worth investing time and energy in a better you with Ricardo as your coach!!

Certifications and Experience:
* President’s Club Award winner
* TRUE2FORM Award winner
* Canadian Fitness Professional PTS
* Master Trainer
* NashFit 1 & 2
* Canadian Criminal Record Check

* DotFit Nutrition & Supplement Fitness Pro Coach
* Therapeutic Fascial Mobility Specialist
* Chronic Pain Self-Management Coach Leader
* Health Self-Management Coach
* Multi-Tool Mobility Advanced Myofascial Release & Trigger Point
* HyperVolt Percussion

* TRX Specialist
* Kettlebell Coach
* Muay Thai L1 Coach
* Bulgarian Bag Coach
* BOSU 3D Xtreme Instructor
* NSI L1 Impact Tool T W Instructor


Unit 211-1551 Cedar Hill X Rd. Victoria, BC

Phone: (250)-891-9363

Email: info@beyondfitness.biz

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