Storm Williams

Personal Trainer

Storm Williams is a certified BCRPA personal trainer helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals in Victoria, British Columbia.
Storm motivates his clients by setting goals and providing constructive feedback, and keeps clients accountable with weekly check-ins. As a trainer he measures client's strengths and weaknesses with ongoing fitness assessments.
His athletic background includes competing in track and field events, with 200 meter sprints, 400 meter sprints, and relay races being his areas of expertise. His passion for track and field drove him to hard work and effort which taught him what it takes to be an athlete.
He completed an elite level of weight training, trained with Olympic participants Jerome Young and Tyree Washington as well as competing as a professional bodybuilder.
Since retiring from competition, Storm has used his array of knowledge to honor the fitness community that gave him so much by inspiring and coaching others to reach their goals.



Unit 211-1551 Cedar Hill X Rd. Victoria, BC

Phone: (250)-891-9363


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