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Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Making Progress (and how to fix that)

Do you feel like you are not making progress at the gym? Does it look like other people out there have it all figured out and they just keep taking giant leaps that yield tremendous results?

Do you feel that some people have the secret to succeeding in fitness and in life?

Are you tired of seemingly "running fast" yet at the same time standing still?

I've certainly felt that way on numerous occasions, so if you've answered "yes" to any of the above questions, I can definitely understand where you are coming from and what you are going through.

It took me six solid months of progressive training before I was able to run my first marathon, which was after I had already trained for several months to run my first 10k. I did not just decide to get up from my desk one day and run a marathon.

What I've ultimately come to realize is that real progress takes several months (and even years) of solid, consistent effort.

When I was still in university and was working on getting back in shape, I was more in love with the final result (i.e. how my body will look) than I was with the process. Unfortunately, loving the results without embracing the process that would get me those results is what delayed my progress and ultimately slowed me down.

After digging deep for almost a decade, observing numerous people (including myself) pursuing their fitness goals, I've put together a list of 5 biggest reasons why they (or maybe even you) aren't making progress.

However, rather than just putting together a list of problems, I've come up with some possible solutions for you to implement immediately so you can start moving closer towards achieving your fitness goals.

1. You are inconsistent.

You know how every gym is packed for the first two weeks of January? Then, after two to four weeks, gym members slowly start to abandon their resolutions and never really end up reaching their fitness goals.

It is my belief that a combination of being overwhelmed and the expectation of immediate results ultimately create inconsistency. We all know that it takes longer than two weeks of going to the gym before we see a change in our bodies, yet we keep expecting rapid weight loss and quick strength gains. Furthermore, we keep having to start over because we keep quitting as a result of not making progress fast enough.


Avoid overwhelming yourself within the first two weeks of your fitness journey, regardless of what you are doing.

Create a plan that allows you some flexibility and that focuses on 1-3 small things that you can do each day (or week) consistently to work towards your goals.

For example, it's better to only do three workouts per week but do that for a full year or longer than it is to do 7 workouts a week and only do that for two weeks.

2. You spend a lot of time looking for a shortcut.

If you Google, "how to lose weight fast", you will come across millions of "resources" that claim to offer rapid weight loss. Clearly, it's a popular topic because profit-minded individuals and corporations are always looking for a way to get you to buy their rapid weight loss product so they can make some quick cash. However, some of those products and ways to lose weight very quickly are not healthy long-term.

Typically, what ends up happening is you end up reading countless articles that offer a "quick solution" to your "problems". You end up consuming information, a lot of which is not from credible sources. This leads you to confusion, frustration, internal conflict, and becoming overwhelmed. This takes up a lot of your time, which leaves very little time for taking action that will progressively lead you to your desired results. Furthermore, you end up jumping from program to program before you see any results.


Instead of trying to look for a shortcut every spare moment you get, start with the basics that you know for sure will work. Yes, this method will take longer to achieve a result, but at least you know that you are more likely to accomplish your goal. If you spent as much time following a process as you did looking for shortcuts, you'd already be significantly closer to your "desired outcome."

So, pick a process that you know you can follow consistently and stick with it. As we all know, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

There is not one particular diet or exercise program that is the perfect solution for everyone looking to lose weight, run faster and lift heavier. Stop wasting your time and energy searching for a quick fix when you already know what you need to do, which is eat sensibly and exercise consistently in a way that you can maintain for a long time.

3. You don't ask for professional help.

Many times, the best way to achieve a desirable result is to ask for professional help. There is a reason why fitness professionals and dieticians exist. They help people just like you achieve their goals.

I know that you may be hesitant to ask for professional help because you want to figure it out on your own. Some people genuinely take pride in figuring things out on their own. However, getting help may be exactly what you need to take your life to the next level, especially if you are not making progress on your own and you feel "stuck".

There is no shame in asking for help or hiring someone to help you. When you hire an expert to help you, you will benefit from the several years of knowledge that they've acquired so you don't have to figure it all out on your own.


If you have been trying to achieve something for a very long time and you feel like you are getting nowhere, you most definitely should consider asking for help.

When you are looking for help, it's important to hire someone who is trus