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Robin Puhra

Personal Trainer ~ (BA) Athletic therapy

Robin continues to help clients feel strong, confident, knowledgeable, and safe! All while achieving their health and fitness goals.

As a former Assistant Fitness Manager and top trainer at a high-level gym, Robin uses his vast experience to develop personalized programs that incorporate strength, posture, stability, and education. Robin continues to help a wide range of clients with a focus on rehabilitation, athletic performance, weight loss, strength and conditioning, and functional pain free movement.

For over 15 years Robin has continued to expand his knowledge in the health and fitness field. He truly believes there is no age limit when it comes to improving one’s physical capabilities including setting and achieving health and fitness related goals!

Robins Credentials include:
• Bachelor’s Degree in athletic and Exercise therapy
• TRX certification
• Kettle Bell certification
• Dotfit Nutrition
• Hypervolt Therapy

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