Are you striving to beat your time in your next marathon? Are you trying to lose weight to ride faster in your next race? Are you looking to improve your technique for a lifting competition?


Whatever your athletic pursuits are, our experienced trainers at Beyond Fitness will remove limits and help you reach new levels of excellence.


Anyone who trains for a specific sport is an athlete. We use our experience from elite sport as well as our extensive training to help you develop better movement patterns and train you to properly activate targeted muscles.  Once these proper movement patterns become your default setting, speed, power and explosiveness begin to rapidly improve.


Beyond Fitness' human performance programs lead the way by integrating proper biomechanics, injury prevention, recovery, effective nutrition and a winning mindset.  We leave no stone unturned.  Come and check out our athletes focused training facility, you won’t find its match anywhere in Victoria!


High-caliber gym run by extremely knowledgeable and friendly people. Options, equipment and trainers capable of working with elite athletes to weekend warriors to people just starting their journey to become healthier and happier version of themselves. I will continue to refer friends and family here.

Will Dean

Beyond Fitness is a beautiful private gym with a wide variety of top-notch equipment. This is more than just an average gym. It’s impossible to not catch the positive vibes at fills it! The exceptional trainers are passionate about fitness & health and deeply care for their clients. My favourite gym to train out of, hands down!!

Teresa Labrecque

This is a fantastic gym, the trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and the facility and equipment are top of the line. My workouts here are the most challenging and the most rewarding I've ever done, and I cannot recommend Sarah-Jane and the Beyond Fitness team enough.

Zoe Marler