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We pride ourselves in pairing YOU with your ideal personal trainer, so you can reach your fitness goals. A perfect synergy between you and your trainer will result in the best possible outcome for your goals, in the most efficient time frame.

Sarah Hough

Hi, I'm Sarah, a past national-level athlete in figure skating. I originally began lifting to help my performance in sport, but quickly grew a love and appreciation for resistance training. After quitting skating in 2016, I began competing in powerlifting and got my personal training certification in 2019. I'm a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Ottawa, and currently pursuing a Master of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria.

  • Personal Trainer (canfitpro)

  • Standard First Aid & CPR (Canadian Red Cross)

  • Figure Skating Coach (NCCP) 

Yemi Eludoyin

As a former athlete, maintaining my fitness level as my body and lifestyle shifted has been a great learning experience for me. This journey towards wellness can be difficult and I want to support you so you can find the transformation I have experienced. I know once you push past your own perceived limitations, you will create change, see growth and be proud of how much better you feel.

This growth isn’t just about lifting heavy, but about building your confidence and functionality in your daily life. As a team, we can work beyond the physical and find transformation in the mind as well.


  • Full Time Fitness Professional since 2016

  • Trained in Powerlifting and Tae Kwon Do

  • Certified in Kickboxing and Holistic Nutrition

  • Specializes in functional movement and sports specific training

Nicolas Mouret

Hi, I’m Nicolas Mouret, a personal trainer at Beyond Fitness. During my time at UVIC I played for the Vikes rugby team while graduating with honours. Fitness was a passion largely influenced by my family with both my parents now still competing in ultra marathons on a yearly basis. Growing up in both Hong Kong and Canada, I played/trained in multiple sports competitively such as soccer(football), squash, tennis, and rugby. I’ve been playing competitive rugby for 20 years and still continue to do so.

My training style mainly revolves around injury prevention, mobility, cardio, and strength. With a degree in psychology, I understand the importance of having a consistent exercise regime for both mental and psychical health. Whether you’re an athlete, beginner, or an avid gym-goer, I look forward to working with you at Beyond Fitness!


  • Certified with ACE fitness 

  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Dezirae Henstridge

Hi, I'm Dezirae! I obtained a degree in Kinesiology after completing four years of sport science at Camosun College. My passion for movement began when I was introduced to the world of sports. Growing up I played many recreational sports and later transitioned into olympic weightlifting where I developed a deeper connection to my body and it’s capabilities through movement. 


My approach to treatment includes guiding patients through an individualized exercise program derived from science-based evidence to fit their needs and abilities. My goal is to increase the knowledge and confidence of my patients to continue on their pursuit towards their maximum potential in a healthy and safe environment.

  • Kinesiologist (BCAK)

  • Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT)

  • Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Level 1)

  • NASM Group Personal Training Specialist

  • Positive Behaviour Support Training

  • Bachelors Degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership at Camosun College

  • NCCP Fundamental Moving Skills

Laurence Muir

Hi I'm Laurence. I have eight years of experience as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer. I am also an anatomy, physiology, and Kinesiology instructor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. 

I work with a variety of populations, ranging from beginners looking to start a fitness routine, to athletes looking for a competitive edge. I offer both strength & conditioning and active rehab. I take an enthusiastic approach to training, bringing to light the thrill of pursuing difficult, yet attainable goals at the limits of your ability.

I played basketball for many years and now explore a wide variety of physical activities such as longboarding, running, cycling, Ironman triathlon races and even Spartan Ultra races and Parkour. 

Spencer Salmond

For the past decade, there is nothing I have enjoyed more than helping others learn about movement and exercise. As someone who had low confidence at the beginning, I understand the difficulty of finding your stride in a gym or health setting.

My golden standard is to help you progress through each workout with an enhanced understanding of your body and its mechanics. Whether it is training for muscle gain, weight loss, recovery or a sport specific goal; I will guide you through, injury free.


  • CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

  • Nutrition and Athletic Performance

  • NASHFIT 1&2

  • Hypervolt certified

  • Dotfit certified

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