We have a simple goal: to bring together an exceptional team of industry-leading personal trainers and sports professionals who care deeply for their clients. Through them, we consistently deliver incredible results in a safe and sustainable way.  Clients are assessed on their strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and more.  We meticulously track our clients' progress to identify areas that need extra attention and to keep pushing each client to new levels of physical fitness.  Workouts are continually tweaked and clients periodically go through a full reassessment to ensure that their program is creating tangible results.


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You'll find names like Purmotion, Woodway, Stack and others here.  We've put together an assortment of the best tools to get the job done!



Spa-like change rooms, top of the line lockers, and a towel service. All this partnered with the aesthetic that is very pleasing to the eye.

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The partnership of top of the line equipment and elite trainers, allows you to bring out your inner athlete and reach your true potential. 

Car Park


No more meter maids, or tickets on your windshield for getting in that last set. Parking is always free at Beyond Fitness.