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Women Training Outdoors


We have a simple goal...

To consistently deliver incredible results in a safe and sustainable way.


How do we do it?


  • We match you with a member of our exceptional team of industry-leading sports professionals. Our trainers at Beyond Fitness are dedicated to using their knowledge and experience to design and implement a program that is specific to you as an individual.

  • We meticulously track your progress in strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and more. We identify areas that need extra attention and support you to new levels of physical fitness. 

  • We continually adjust workouts and periodically do full reassessments to ensure you get the best results for you.


The best way to reach your fitness goals in an effective, efficient and safe manner is to work with a professional. Everybody responds differently to challenge and resistance. Having an expert in your corner able to watch your movement, understand where you can improve and learn your personal motivations is an invaluable tool.


Book a free call now to find your perfect trainer! It could change your life.


I am no athlete, but I like being active and did not want to be limited in what I can do because of pain or a general lack of conditioning. Beyond Fitness offers a boutique, individualized gym experience, which is exactly what I needed. As a trainer, Sarah Jane is so positive, encouraging, and attentive, making adjustments here and there to ensure I'm working out at an appropriate intensity. She has created a program for me that targets my weak areas (there are many) in a way that supports the activities I already enjoy doing. And each week offers something different, which means I never grow bored of the routine. I always look forward to my weekly sessions with SJ!

Meghan Berrer

Been seeing Jamie about my shoulder for a couple months and can honestly say he knows his stuff. He's extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his craft.
The studio has everything you need from rehab needs to getting back into fitness! Would recommend this place to any.

Erik Spaven

4 months ago, I couldn't walk a block and a half. I couldn't believe things had gotten away from me so bad. 37 years old, 355lbs, and it felt like I was going to lose my mobility at any moment. I was so scared.

The last four months have been nothing short of a dramatic partnership. I'm moving. I'm not scared. I DO feel judged when I'm working out, sometimes, but that's MY stuff. You know who helps me through that? My trainer. It's not cheerleading, it's support while I'm little and learning. While I'm new to this.

From the bottom of my heart, please believe me, and get into a partnership on your health with this club.

Scott Donovan

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