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Nutrition is the foundation of any effective fitness program. It doesn’t need to be complex to be effective. Most people just need to make small changes one at a time to add up to big changes over a period of time. 


Our programs offer freedom and flexibility for the nutrition coach and the client. They allow the coach to meet the client where they are and make changes over time that work for the client. It is not a fad diet. And it is not one size fits all. Clients are guided toward a sustainable, lasting program that leads to long-term success. 


We offer

  • Variety: Sports-specific nutrition programs, weight loss nutrition coaching, restorative training

  • Well-Rounded Approach: Nutrition + Fitness + Community

  • Habits for the Long Run:  We focus on creating an environment that supports sustained weight loss – losing 10 lbs this month is great, but keeping it off for 5 years is better

  • Goal setting: with the help of our in-house "InBody" Total Body scanner. This scanner measures fat, water, and muscle. With this data, we will assist you in setting fitness and nutrition goals that are achievable!​

  • Accountability: Working with a coach on nutrition provides you with accountability through regular check-ins to keep you motivated and on track.

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