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Image by Annie Spratt

Evidence shows that the biggest predisposing factor of non-traumatic injury during sport is previous injury. This can create faulty movement patterns that in turn create weak or overused areas and it is these areas that are prone to future damage. In addition, there are many other mechanisms that can cause faulty movement patterns that over time lead to functional issues. Proper functional movement occurs in coordinated patterns, which can be assessed and corrected. One of the best tests is called the “Functional Movement Screen”. By subjecting the body to these movements any areas of weakness, stiffness or asymmetry and therefore potential for injury are highlighted.

We will measure your movement patterns to see where your faults are and create a treatment regime to resolve them. Once you have restored normal movement patterns you are less likely to become injured.

Using a well-researched screening assessment, functional movement, or lack of, can be graded. Depending on what the screen has shown, a series of manual techniques and corrective exercises can be used to reduce the imbalances and restore normal functional movement. This will reduce your likelihood of non-contact injury in the future. Because the system is graded your progress can be monitored making your improvements visible and obvious.

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