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Yemi Eludoyin

As a former athlete, maintaining my fitness level as my body and lifestyle shifted has been a great learning experience for me. This journey towards wellness can be difficult and I want to support you so you can find the transformation I have experienced. I know once you push past your own perceived limitations, you will create change, see growth and be proud of how much better you feel. This growth isn’t just about lifting heavy, but about building your confidence and functionality in your daily life. As a team, we can work beyond the physical and find transformation in the mind as well.

Outside of the gym you’ll find me creating art and enjoying the outdoors with my family.

-Full Time Fitness Professional since 2016

-Trained in Powerlifting and Tae Kwon Do

-Certified in Kickboxing and Holistic Nutrition

-Specializes in functional movement and sports specific training

Yemi Eludoyin
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