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Working with people and being active - whether it be sports, hiking, lifting, running, or anything else you can think of - have always been passions of mine and have ultimately led me to where I am today. I have been personal training for over 10 years with the past three years being based in Victoria, where I was born and raised until I left for university. My undergraduate degree is in Human Kinetics - Health and Exercise Sciences from the University of British Columbia and I have a Master's Degree in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership from the University of Washington. I played five years as a member of the UBC women's basketball team and also played one year professionally in Germany. The opportunity to work closely with people and adapt to their journey is something I am incredibly grateful to do each day.

Cait Haggarty

Personal Trainer

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Born and raised on Vancouver island, sport has been a part of Cole's life since childhood when he started playing baseball.  He's continued his love for athletics by immersing himself in the Exercise and Wellness program at Camosun College.

-BCRPA Personal Trainer 
-Sports Nutrition certificate 
-Sport and exercise physiology certificate

Cole Amedro

Personal Trainer

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Born and raised on the island, Jamie grew up playing sports in the Westshore area. He was exposed to Athletic Therapy in high school through the student athletic therapists that worked with his sports teams. They helped him develop a strong passion for both Therapy as well as Strength and Conditioning. When he finished his athletic career, he transferred his focus to pursing a degree in Athletic Therapy and obtaining his Strength and Conditioning certification. As a professional, He focuses on building a strong connection with each of his clients to create individualized workout regimes, treatment plans and rehab programs. When he is not at the studio, you can find him hitting the trails with his dog Shylo, out on the water paddle boarding, or at home watching sports. His ultimate goal is to help YOU reach any goal you have - Whether that is running a marathon or just being able to walk up the stairs pain free - He's here to help. 

-Certified Athletic Therapist - CATA 
-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA 
-First Responder - Canadian Red Cross

-Jamie Pacheco BAET, CAT(c), NSCA-CSCS 
-Founder of Pacheco Sports Therapy

Jamie Pacheco

Personal Trainer ~ Athletic Therapist

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Keegan is a former NCAA Division 1 Left-handed Pitcher for the University of Texas At Arlington, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science while on an athletic scholarship.
Since his 18-year baseball career ended in 2014 he has found new passion as a personal trainer.  He was Victoria Fitness World’s top trainer for 5 years, an assistant Fitness Manager, Master Trainer, and President’s Club award recipient for 3 consecutive years.
Keegan is passionate about human biomechanics and movement and loves working with and meeting new people daily. His specialty is athletic performance and enjoys working with clients to help them conquer injuries and live a pain-free lives. However, he is happy to work with any fitness goal!
Keegan loves being a personal trainer and finds it extremely rewarding to guide people to their fitness goals. Being a factor behind someone’s positive lifestyle change is what fuels his fire!

•	Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) – University of Texas at Arlington
•	NASM Certified personal trainer
•	TRX certified
•	Kettlebell lvl 1 & 2 Certified
•	RIP Trainer Certified
•	Bulgarian Bag Certified
•	HyperVolt Certified
•	Dotfit Nutrition Coach

Keegan Hucul

Personal Trainer

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As an ex collegiate and national level athlete, movement is at the core of everything Lee coach’s.

When his athletic career came to a close, Lee made it his life’s calling to help, support, and motivate others to step into their best selves.

It began with a degree in Kinesiology, and from there he has worked in almost every capacity in the fitness industry. 

In an effort to help more people and share his passion - Lee took more certifications, learned new modalities, and continued to grow. He has opened and run his own gym, as well as managed the largest big box gyms in BC. 

Whether strength and Conditioning, weight loss, nutrition, or athletic performance is your goal; Lee’s 15+ years of experience will ensure you get a personalized program, and most importantly, results that will last!

Lee’s Credentials:

•	Bachelor in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University
•	ACE certified (previously BCRPA/NASM/CANFITPRO)
•	TRX/TRX RIP Certified
•	KettleBell Cert level1 
•	KettleBell IKFF
•	Bulgarian Bag certified
•	Trigger Point certified
•	Hypervolt certified
•	Dotfit Nutrition certified

Lee Henderson

Personal Trainer ~ Kinesiologist ~ Athletic Performance Specialist

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Robin continues to help clients feel strong, confident, knowledgeable, and safe! All while achieving their health and fitness goals.

As a former Assistant Fitness Manager and top trainer at a high-level gym, Robin uses his vast experience to develop personalized programs that incorporate strength, posture, stability, and education. Robin continues to help a wide range of clients with a focus on rehabilitation, athletic performance, weight loss, strength and conditioning, and functional pain free movement.

For over 15 years Robin has continued to expand his knowledge in the health and fitness field. He truly believes there is no age limit when it comes to improving one’s physical capabilities including setting and achieving health and fitness related goals!

Robins Credentials include:
•	Bachelor’s Degree in athletic and Exercise therapy
•	TRX certification 
•	Kettle Bell certification
•	Dotfit Nutrition
•	Hypervolt Therapy

Robin Puhra

Personal Trainer ~ (BA) Athletic therapy

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For the past decade, there is nothing Spencer has enjoyed more than helping others learn about movement and exercise. As someone who had low confidence at the beginning, he understands the difficulty of finding your stride in a gym or health setting. His golden standard is to help you progress through each workout with an enhanced understanding of your body and its mechanics. Whether it is training for muscle gain, weight loss, recovery or a sport specific goal; Spencer will guide you through, injury free.

CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

Nutrition and Athletic Performance


Hypervolt certified

Dotfit certified

Spencer Salmond

Personal Trainer

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Teresa loves all things fitness. Her practice is inspired by her training in Olympic weightlifting, martial arts (judo), and strength & conditioning — combining elements of strength, movement, and play.  In addition to fitness coaching, Teresa is a practicing Registered Nurse and Nutrition Coach.  She loves teaching the fundamentals and helping people get excited about living a fulfilling and healthy life outside of the gym!  From fitness to health and wellness, she has blended her strengths into where they count most: serving those around her in the greatest capacity she can.

Areas of Expertise:  
Strength & conditioning, weightlifting, weight loss, wellness, new-to-fitness, nutrition coaching.

Certified Personal Trainer — ACE
Nutrition Coach — Precision Nutrition
Registered Nurse
Bachelors of Nursing Science — Queen’s University

Teresa Labrecque

Personal Trainer

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